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ICE COMMS Website services.

Vital to any industry or business is the means to communicate effectively with its' customers, showcase products to generate additional business and provide on-going support for its products and services.

ICE COMMS stands for Internet Commercial Effectiveness and we provide SEO friendly, efficient, well designed and cost effective product support and marketing websites as one of our core services. From initial website planning through the design and development stages to a fully supported website after launch. Trust ICE COMMS with your next website project.
Our approach
The internet is the most important conduit for marketing and communication with 74.2% of the UK's population (nearly 47 million people) going online at least once per month in 2012.
A website is an essential asset to any business and with an ever increasing audience it is vital that your website represents your business in the best possible way.

ICE COMMS delivers a holistic approach not only to website design and development but to our client's online and offline marketing strategies and business plans.

We like to get to know our clients' business and staff, understand their products and services and be a pro-active extention to their business, ensuring that commercial effectiveness is achieved at all times.

Drawing on years of design and marketing management experience at the highest level, ICE COMMS plan, design, develop and support websites to capture the interest of more customers and improve business, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business.
Website planning

Website Planning

Proper planning is often overlooked and is one of the most essential elements to successful web development. Planning a web project, when done improperly, can be a daunting task and without hands-on experience vital elements may well be missed.

The only thing worse than inadequate project planning is the absence of a plan altogether!
At an initial meeting, we will begin by asking the tried and tested questions we use to form our vision, scope and wireframe and initial design concept. These will aim to answer questions such as:
  • What are the objectives of the website and why?
  • Who are your target audience?
  • What is your business' long-term goal? How will this project help you get there?
  • What action do you want users to take after interacting with your website?

    With good planning we can help you define your project's key features and translate them into reality.
  • Website design services

    Website design services

    Essential to any online product, brand and retail environment, is good design. It makes the difference between being liked or disliked, noticed or unnoticed, sold or unsold. Design sets the tone of your company and the value of your product or service.
    We love blue sky thinking and at ICE COMMS we have the knowledge, experience and skills base to ensure you appeal to your customers and attract many more. We are comfortable creating material from inception but equally to work within existing templates and established campaigns.
    Our strength lies in the ability to listen carefully, research, and then apply total commitment.
    ICE COMMS is a Devon based web design company dedicated to building innovative and accessible websites. Our core values revolve around delivering high quality products that make our clients proud, their customers smile and visit the website again and again and share their enjoyment with others.
    Our clients are composed of businesses of every size from start-ups to multinationals.
    Website development

    Website development

    Sometimes (most of the time!) off-the-shelf templates and open source software just isn’t quite what you need, and we understand that. Even the best content management system can’t do everything. ICE COMMS develop in .html and .css and have used a number of CMS (Content Management Systems) for many of our projects.
    In our opinion, there is no one agency with the resource, in depth skills sets and knowledge to provide a full turn‐key solution. Sometimes a collaborative approach with strategic partners ensures that our clients get the right result for their website.
    If a certain technology is required or is essential to a project, and if ICE COMMS feel the expertise is elsewhere, we are all too willing to bring in and manage key skills where required. We have a lot of very good colleagues throughout the UK who can dazzle us with their specific skills.
    Website support services

    On-going content management and support

    ICE COMMS supports all our projects fully and offer an on-going content management maintenence contract that works alongside our SEO services.
    A support package is always recommended, uptake is always a clients' choice.
    Hosting packages are available on our secure servers (fully PCI compliant if you're project includes sensitive data or e-commerce.
    We also off a domain name registration and portfolio management service.
    Is your business running a website that you don't want to redesign quite yet and you don't have time to keep up to date? Or maybe another agency has built you a website on a Content Management System you're not sure how to use?
    ICE COMMS can help. We can take over the on-going maintenance and content updates of your website, leaving you free to do what you do best, running your business. Initially we can meet, Skype or talk over the site and access details, agree costs and set up a service programme.
    Then we can...
  • add new website pages
  • insert images and other content
  • add news updates / make blog posts
  • post status updates to facebook, twitter and google plus
  • incorporate this support package into an ICE COMMS SEO service to get the most from your site
  • set up or provide full Google analytics access and in-depth reporting
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