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ICE COMMS Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is considered to be one of the most cost effective promotional tools in marketing for generating a higher volume of relevant traffic and, ultimately, sales. Website Optimisation runs constantly, increasing your brand's visibility not just to the UK but to the world, maximising relevant traffic received to your Website.

ICE COMMS is highly experienced in forming, executing and managing SEO and SEM campaigns for our clients including small local Devon businesses, UK based service industries, multi-outlet UK trading and manufacturing companies, and large multinationals with US, European and Australasian markets. We work on websites created by ICE COMMS as well as working closely on existing websites with a host of CMS platforms and applications.
Our approach
ICE COMMS offer a full range of online marketing services from business strategy consulting to SEO copywriting. We use the latest website optimisation techniques with an aim to drive valuable targeted traffic via the organic search results of Google, Yahoo! and BING (MSN).

At an initial meeting, we will begin by asking the tried and tested questions we use to form our SEO strategy, form our keyword sets and understand your products, services and target audiences. These will aim to answer questions such as:

  • Who are the target markets?
  • What type of visitors do you want to attract to the website?
  • What messages do you want the site to convey?
  • What do you want the website to achieve?

    With good planning and sound advice we can help you define your SEO objectives and expectations and GET NOTICED.
  • The Three 'I's - Benefits of SEO

  • Increase rankings in the major search engines
  • Improved volume of quality traffic to your website
  • Impact on brand awareness, recognition and sales
  • It takes just a quarter of a second for Google to return a search query. It takes a well planned and executed SEO strategy to harness the benefits of what is now considered to be the most effective marketing tool in the world.

    Keyword research and SEO copywriting

    Attracting the most valuable kind of visitors to your website requires a good deal of research and detective work to establish what your target audience are actually searching for. This most valuable SEO service cannot be overstated and should always be considered ahead of any copywriting and work hand-in-hand with content development.

    The level of detail available to our clients is astonishing – with keyword research, intelligent predictions to market conditions can be made and responses planned. Local and niche markets can be revealed and a level of understanding of customer motivation that has never been so up to the minute and accurate is readily available.

    From our research we create keyword sets for each of you websites' key pages. We can use the keyword sets to form our SEO copywriting or supply your own copywriter to build in to your page copy.

    'Content is king' so the mantra goes and therefore SEO copywriting is one of the most crucial elements to any online marketing strategy.

    The art of good SEO copywriting is to create relevant, interesting and purposeful content that's atractive to search engines and viewers alike. ICE COMMS work to a tried and tested matrix that will produce optimised page content with the best chance possible of climbing the organic search rankings and providing valuable and relevant traffic to your website.

    External linking

    Gain valuable website traffic and expand the impact of your website.
    Link building is the core of any website promotion strategy. Google and other search engines are known to trust websites with lots of high-quality incoming links and show them to millions of people searching the web daily.
    A successful linking campaign depends on two cornerstones: the overall number of links you have, and the quality of each particular link.

    ICE COMMS's experience and industry leading software allows us to;
  • obtain valuable link partners with contact information especially in the PR and news sectors.
  • generate a unique link directory for your website with categories and subcategories.
  • quickly address all partners for personalized email campaigns.
  • establish reciprocal links.
  • make sure all your partners are linking back.
  • monitor your link popularity over time.

    We will also be able to gain links to local business directories, social media sites, forums and blogs where appropriate.
  • Pay Per Click campaigns.

    Pay Per Click (PPC) PPC is an online advertising format that allows you to buy your way to the top of search results pages for search phrases relevant to your business. PPC management requires careful planning, pro-active management of budgets and adverts as well as continuous monitoring of the competition, click through rates, cost per acquisition and overall ROI.

    To create profitable and quantifiable returns from a PPC campaign we must first understand your business objectives.

    Once established, our approach will be to:
      Undertake comprehensive planning for target keyword phrases that are most appropriate for your campaign.
      Develop an extensive list of keyword phrase combinations (possibly many thousands) to capitalise on your customers' search behaviours, maximise the quality of visitors to your site and minimise your PPC click through costs.
      Research and provide a clear understanding of your competitors' current PPC activity and their tactics with a view to capitalising on this knowledge to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage throughout your PPC campaign.
      Develop individual, compelling ads for each group of focused keyword phrases to maximise click throughs and conversions.
      Create effective landing pages key to converting customers through paid search.

    Organic rankings take time to build, PPC rankings are instant. As your site gains momentum through increased popularity you can reduce your spend or channel your budget to other e-marketing initiatives.

    Campaigns are totally visible to our clients via regular reports or by direct access to the Google stats packages linked with the campaign accounts.

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