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ICE COMMS Marketing Services.

Drawing on over 30 years of creative management experience, it is understandable that we continue to offer traditional and Offline Marketing Services. After all this is where we cut our teeth. Offline marketing is still very much a key aspect of any serious company's strategy and we understand it's importance both as a stand-alone discipline and as a contributory factor in an overall marketing objective.

We would be very pleased to assist in any of the key areas below.

Printed marketing material

From corporate presenters to perfect bound product catalogues ICE COMMS combine our experience, contacts and skills to design and manage printed projects from start to finish.
Working in Quark Xpress we can supply short-run printed materials for meetings, presentation and exhibitions both here in the UK and Europe.

We can also design and project-manage promotional items such as event flyers, theatre programmes and direct mail items.

Corporate ID

All businesses who want continued success require a corporate image and identity that will attract customers and maintain their interest. ICE COMMS has experience in creating and being custodians of Corporate Identities for publicly listed companies, brands and product ranges.

We can assist in the development of your Corporate Identity or produce on and offline brand style guides from your existing ID to enhance your sales and marketing efforts, to reduce the risk of distortions and deviations from the original design and to remind your audience that behind the brand is a company that can be trusted.

Book cover design

We are very proud to have designed and helped with the layout and production of two autobiographies by Mr John E Harris CBE, a mentor and inspiration to the director of ICE COMMS for many years.

We also did extensive Photoshop work on a series of fascinating images for the memoirs of the late and much-missed Sir Bill Cotton.

We really enjoyed these highly creative and interesting projects and would be happy to discuss future work in this area.

Photography and imaging services

If highly stylised, quality lifestyle and product images are not available, we strongly recommend that a well-planned and professionally photographed shoot is considered. The market proves that high quality, fashion style, aspirational brand and product images (some to include models) are of primary importance. Creative impact can be won or lost here and the contribution of good, high quality images cannot be underestimated.

ICE COMMS are highly experienced in this area and can provide full project management services, artistic direction, enlist top quality photographers, models, studio facilities and editing expertise as well as running an on-going digital asset management service to provide the correct images to press, retail and internet contacts on demand.

We can undertake 'desktop' digital photography at our studios in Totnes for smaller items.

ICE COMMS are members of iStockphoto and Shutterstock and therefore have access to a massive selection of library images that can be researched, selected and purchased for your project.
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